Retail & FMCG

Retail and FMCG or Fast Moving Consumer Goods are our regular necessitates household products which we utilize in daily life. FMCG products are that products which are sold quickly and at a low cost. Our offered IT Solutions involve adaptive planning, fast delivery, quick accommodation to change requests, and flexibility. We Cyvyon Technologies is one of the best-in-class IT solution provider to take the toughest challenges in the industry to help you manage your day-to-day activities with ease. Handling the cash transaction for those FMCG products is quite burdensome as they are many in numbers usually. As FMCG companies faces many issues like missing products in billing, wrong calculation and so on while dealing with FMCG product.

FMCG software can prove to be a marvelous platform that can help business executives store and update large volumes of critical customer information, along with streamlining the complete sales cycle professionally. To get rid of those errors from your business, you need to take the mighty help of robust FMCG software.

Key Benefits of FMCG Software

  • FMCG management software reduces operation cost and enhances the productivity of your business
  • GST Calculation filing for different articles is made easy
  • FMCG management software allows easy and quick barcode scanning
  • Using FMCG distribution management software will help you to have an easy access to your customer database
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • FMCG management software helps you to do effective product management

Our core competencies in FMCG Software Solution

Sales and Distribution

We deliver complete and advanced solutions necessary for sales and distribution together with major operations such as accounting, sales orders, replenishment, stock delivery, taxes, loyalty programs, and more.

ERP Solutions

Our ERP system brings you clearness and suppleness – providing lead management components, supply chain components, performance management, modified portals, and so on.

Bank Synchronization

Sync bank statements, upload bank statement files, obtain real-time structured data, and make informed decisions.

Mobile Application

We develop mobile applications across devices and operating systems that access key reports on phones from anywhere, anytime. Pull invoices, check bank transactions, profitability, and so on.

Logistics Management

Helps to reduce operation cost, increased dispatch, and enhanced retail booking, centralized integrated system, enhanced field activity, manage stock in an organized way, and other practical benefits.

E-commerce Solutions

Customized solutions to sell products online website development, secure payment integration, shopping cart, daily updates of FMCG products from admin end order tracking, summary report, etc.

Customer Relationship Management

Customized for your business – maintain customer loyalty and retain a long-term relationship with existing customers while attracting new customers.

User-friendly Solutions

Menu driven, easy implementation reduces need for support staff, audio or visual indicators; easy and intuitive operation, easy search through search bar option, and more.

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