Business Models

Business in the current marketing scenario necessitates the need to have flexibility in multiple ways. Not just excellent quality of services provided but also optimal product utilization is what a company should be focused on. One of the major areas of concern in the business world is standing by the much-needed versatility in providing the notch quality services to the clients.

We, at Cyvyon Technologies, employ significant strategies and optimal policies to provide customers the right models for their business. Multiple times it so happens that the clients lack knowledge pertaining to the business model that needs to be implemented. Here, we explore their needs and requirements and on the basis of the time and budget, we customize the plan and suggest the same to our customers. A systematic approach helps us to employ the best techniques and pricing policy and serve our clients better.

Business models as implemented by us include:

Distinct Approach

  • Hiring an employee and not part-time workers
  • Assigning dedicated resources
  • The potential clients own control over the employers. They can manage, interact and even hire one.
  • Enabling live interaction between clients and employees.
  • Generation of reports weekly or daily.
  • Notifying the needs and requirements of clients.
  • Assigning a trial period of first 40 hours post resource allocation.
  • The first 40 hours stands crucial. Only if the client approves the initial work, can the employer continue further else the project is terminated?
  • If both the concerned parties are mutually content with each other, then the billing of the project would start compromising of the initial 40 hours and then weekly payments.
  • The work is customized as per the need of the client.

The above approach is fully customer oriented and can be altered as per the requirements of the clients.

Fixed Price Project Approach

In some projects, the clients outline the needs and requirements at the onset of the project. In such cases, the fixed price costing model is the most effective. A price quote is provided to the clients after detailed analysis of the requirements of the customers. The price quote comprises of all steps in the process execution ranging from designing, analyzing, developing and marketing. The budget presented is inclusive of the time needed for the execution of the project.

The fixed price project approach involves lesser risk as stating the price before the onset of the project guarantee that the project would reach the completion stage within the time and the monetary budget as approved by the client. The price provides the project details to the clients and also give them the freedom to seek an explanation regarding the same. The kind of approach is appropriate for the clients that are the end users too. If any changes take place in the project during the execution phase, then the same is initiated to the client and asked for approval. For clients who have deeply studied the project and would not see the need to intervene in the project, this model is the most suitable.

When the requirements of the clients are majorly specified, this model is the ideal choice.

Time and Material Approach

Many times it so happens that the clients cannot suggest the specifications of the project during the initial phase. When the client is uncertain about the scope and the project functionality, in such cases, we at Cyvyon Technologies, suggest the time and material approach. Here, the payment is done on the basis of the hours of work put in by the employer for the project.

However, in the future when the client gets a clear idea of the specifications and scope of the project, the pay is then fixed. We extensively keep track of the number of hours consumed during the execution of the project so that the same could be flowed to the clients to initiate payment. Inducing an approach of iteration and life cycle for development, the time and material approach is advisable for the small to medium scale enterprises where the scope of the project gets drafted during the execution of the project.

Offshore Hiring Approach

For projects that seek overseas clients or revolves around the development abroad, the offshore hiring approach is the best choice. This business model approach is most suitable for the clients who crave for long-term advantages from overseas outsourcing. This method requires reserving the resources or the infrastructure as per the need and requirements of the potential clients.

We, at Cyvyon Technologies, help clients to work the web designers, graphic designers, ap developers, coders, content writers, project managers, ROR developer, social media experts, marketing managers, and quality assurance engineers at a price fixed by them. The clients have the freedom to hire the apt resource in lieu with their own requirements. The clients sign a contract of three, six or even for a year when the project is expected to last longer. We help our clients to draft members suitable for the scope of the project.

The Offshore Hiring approach in a way is an extension of the clients surrounding and can help function along with the team. This model gives the clients the ability to induce transparency and a significant control over the team. We are efficient in setting up an environment that creates an image depicting as if it was the environment owned by the client and he is working on an offshore basis.

Depending upon the needs of the client and the requirements of the project, one of the above mentioned models of approach is suggested to the clients and upon their approval is the model induced for further assistance. We, at Cyvyon Technologies, are largely focused on the scope of the project and come up with the best approach to provide optimal services to our client. We have a team of dedicated professionals who pledge to ensure maximum client satisfaction. Inducing modern technology and the right model of approach, giving your project to us, you can be assured that you would receive the best service.

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