What is BI?

A technology ridden process that helps business professional derive insightful information from a pool of data, analyze them and then use it to draft business-centric decision is Business Intelligence.

Encompassing a range of business tools, methods, and corresponding application, BI helps professional and business firms invoke data from internal systems as well the external sources, add methods for analyzing the retrieved data, prepare reports and end up making an analytical decision that proves beneficial to the organization.

Efficient Tools For Data Analysis

We, at Cyvyon Technologies, offers a robust and reliable end to end BI solutions in a way converting user data to real-time information that help business build business decision. Using our data visualization and data analysis services, we help business your business outshine in the global market and revive your existing data.

Why BI is important for any business?

Wondering why use data analytics for your business? Though BI might not sound worth inducing at earlier stages, yet the list of benefits that BI has is endless. BI-centric tools are capable of boosting the power of decision. BI encompasses tools proficient in accelerating the process of decision making, improve the method of internal business processing, generate higher and better revenues and additionally stay ahead of their competitors.

Apart from this, BI methodologies help gain relevant information pertaining to the market trends, identify them and address business issues. BI-driven data could either be one stored in the data warehouse or one that gets generated during the day to day system processing. Where earlier BI tools were merely used by IT professionals to generate reports and build statistics, today BI- driven data help business to target customers and serve what exactly is needed.

Consultants, at Cyvyon Technologies, categorizes data to analyze each and turn them effective and intelligent in a way helping business firms gain advantage and leverage their ROI. Segregating structured data from the unstructured ones and then assessing each separately is what our team of consultants excel in.

BI Tools we work on

Business Intelligence comprises of an array of tools that helps business professional end up taking a sound decision. BI has a wide assortment of data analytics application, right from ad- hoc analytics, mobile or real-time to SaaS BI, collaborative and open source BI.

Another tool that helps consultants design graphics and prepares charts is data visualization software. Few tools used by us help build dashboards and scorecard of performance that reflect data on business metrics and in terms of KPIs. Data visualization tools as used by us are now one of the necessities in the BI Industry.

Advanced analytics tools like data mining, text mining, predictive analytics, and statistical analysis are all part of Business Intelligence. BI tools have the capability to view straightforward queries and provide relevant information. Where data warehouse has been long used to store BI-driven data, recent times has witnessed the incorporation of the Hadoop system. We inculcate the hadoop system within the architecture of BI, we use them as landing pads for data mainly the un-organized log files.

Incorporating Business Intelligence tools enhance the productivity of the system aiding better decision making. Higher the system efficiency, greater is it's the capability to capture data and help companies boost their sales.

BI Services we provide

We are one of the leading BI industry offering a range of BI solution enabling companies to drive benefit from the same. We help business enterprises improvise their BI strategies as they connect with us promising rise in their ROI. Our BI solutions have been designed in a way that helps build a dashboard where experts could deploy models that are self-reliant.

Types of business solutions as provided by us are:

  • BI consulting
  • BI Dashboard services
  • BI Tools
  • BI Implementation
  • BI architecture and design

Why Cyvyon for your BI needs?

You might be a newbie and not be aware of what BI actually and how would the incorporation of the same benefit your business. Don't worry, we are here to help you. A team of skilled consultants we cater to all your business requirements, delving into the importance of data and then using the data to aid business decisions.


We know and accept the fact that data is crucial and needs to be secured. We recognize the credibility and enter into nondisclosure agreements so that our clients could rely on us thereby building trust and faith in us.

Excellent Framework

Our BI consultant excels in rendering reliable and scalable frameworks that function seamlessly with other systems along with taking immense care of their data maintaining its privacy.

Proficient Tools

Consultants at Cyvyon Technologies inculcate the modern day tools and technologies as Jaspersoft, Microsoft and others to render data-centric solutions for all business-related issues.

If you are looking for one such company that would hop you uplift your sales inducing data- driven solutions, we are happy to help.

Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.

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