Energy and Utilities

We are providing end-to-end application development, maintenance and consulting solutions for businesses operating in the field of energy and utilities industry. We have solutions that are developed for energy and utility industry which allows in the modernization of business processes, improve customer satisfaction, better connect their systems with newer technologies, gain insights for quick and better decision making, and optimally utilize resources and skills.

Energy and Utility sector include water, gas and electricity services which fuel our daily activities so it’s necessary to make the work easier by integrating technology into their business model. While it’s for customer experience, improving security or streamlining operations, information technology is the major part in supporting the businesses to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Cyvyon Technologies partners with different energy and utility companies for offering the service in software development for their business model as per the current development in digital technology, stern regulations and consumer requests. We transcend in offering personalized IT solutions to the diverse companies in this sector, allowing them to lead in terms of improved customer service, smooth operations and surpassing financial performance.

Having experience of more than a decade, we have pioneered in catering global clients in energy & utilities vertical with –

  • Process and Represent Data in Powerful 2D and 3D Charts for Detail Analysis
  • Comparison of Multiple Scenarios within a Project to Conduct & what if & Analysis
  • Performs Complex and Cumbersome Calculations Accurately for Surface Tension, Pressures, Viscosity, Gas Heat Capacity and Many More
  • Ability to Communicate With Devices or Equipment
  • Device Maintenance Facilities
  • Remote Management and Control of Devices

Custom Software Development for the Energy and Utilities

We are bestowing a complete appealing experience to our end users; this is a set of business software systems that focus on resource planning, management and operational control between different departments / sections / offices / locations. We are offering diverse software modules to focus on separate working areas and integrated with each other through intermediate modules.

ERP Solutions for the Energy and Utilities

We are offering a combination of business software solutions, imply for the energy and utilities industry, that prominence on resource planning, management and operational control between various departments / sections / offices / locations. Diversified software modules to establish on individual working areas and integrated via transitional modules.

Mobile Sales force Automation Solution for Energy & Utilities

The main reason why Sales Force Automation is so popular is that it has gained the confidence of the end users:

  • Extensive Planning – for today and tomorrow
  • Create a Perfect Replica for the Workforce
  • Value for Money
  • Following Best Practices
  • Goal Alignment
  • Well Thought Of Operations
  • Appropriate Resource Structure
  • Increased Productivity and Decreased Cost
  • A Comprehensive Solution Encompassing All

CRM Solutions for the Energy and Utilities

  • Increasing customer satisfaction to ensure long-term customer retention and loyalty
  • Centrally stored data for efficient enquiry processing
  • Transparent customer data for excellent customer service

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